The 20 Happiest Songs To Play At Your Wedding

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Because one of the biggest challenges for every couple when planning a wedding is — believe it or not — actually enjoying the wedding day! 10 Tips for Staying Mindful at Your Wedding

Old, new, borrowed, & blue - the "new" could be your future daughter's (or daughter-in-law-to-be) "old" or "borrowed".

The cake cutting is not as big of a moment as it may have been in the past but is still something many couples want to do, as a photo op if nothing else.

This beautiful checklist will help you remember to bring every important item you need for your big day :) wedding, wedding planning, wedding planner, bride, organization, wedding day checklist, wedding day template

How Much a Wedding Costs

Tips on Tipping Wedding Vendors — Bright Star Ranch & Resort

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Use this handy guide to draft your wedding guest list in 60 seconds flat! From

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Because wedding planning is a tedious task, this to-do list could be of help to keep your feet on track!

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One of the biggest challenges for every couple when planning a wedding is — believe it or not — actually enjoying the wedding day! Couples spend so much time preparing for this incredibly special event that when the day arrives, they forget to stop and take in everything their love for each other and hard work planning has achieved.

Top 20 Country Wedding Ideas You’ll Love for 2017 Trends

Every bride has her list of must-haves for her wedding day: breathtaking dress, stunning centerpieces, flawless hair and makeup. But quite a few of them can actually be scratched off because they’re not only unnecessary, but also a huge waste of money. So before you start ticking items off your to-do list and throwing around wads of cash, check out our list of 11 things you don’t really need for the big day. Trust us, your wedding will still be perfect without them!

I think this is a stupid way to divide it, but it's good to list out all the things that need to be paid for.

Wedding Processional Order: 4 Ideas And Rules ❤ See more: #weddings

The big question has been popped, you’ve verbally told all your dear friends and family and selected the perfect wedding venue and set the date, now its time to send those beautiful invitations, but where do you start? We have got you completely cover by showing you these 6 super helpful wedding invitation infographics. Take a look! […]

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