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How Much a Wedding Costs

Price and compare affordable venues in your area. Wedding Spot is the first online site that allows you to search, price, and compare wedding venues. Working directly with venues, our platform allows you to easily search for venues based on your budget, location, style and guest count. Once your wedding is built out, schedule your site tour appointment through us and be one step closer to planning the wedding of your dreams!

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Infographic -The Penny Savers Wedding Plan. A handy guide on how to save money when planning your big day! #weddinginfographic #wedding #infographic

When it comes to the wedding ceremony, most couples find this aspect of their wedding to be a complete mystery. The confusion of who stands where, who walks when, and who leads whom, remains to be seen. Questions you may not think to ask immediately can range from, “Who holds my bouquet?” or


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Bhavna's note: Love the sheer layer and the train on this one with lace/beading on the train. Also really like how the skirt dips in above the butt. Would love an additional sheer layer that trails like this.

Another helpful timeline to help you with your wedding planning! #viewvenue

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A Guide to Outdoor Weddings Infographic

top 10 bridesmaid gift ideas

guide to who should pay for what in a wedding!

Wedding budget tool to help you on your wedding day! Great tool WeddingWire #weddingbudget #weddingbudgettool #weddingwire

The wedding planning process, from engagement to vows, is filled with all kinds of fun pre-wedding events for you, friends and family. Of course, you’re focused on the wedding right now and rightfully so! However, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to create guest lists for other celebrations, too. Deciding whom to invite to what celebration can be a little tricky.

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guide who does what wedding day party duties responsibilities

This Is the Engagement Ring of 2016, According to Pinterest via @MyDomaine