Beautiful wedding vows instead of the traditional by the book vows

Getting married doesn't have to mean spending a fortune on expensive items. You can have a beautiful big day on a budget.

"Belle's dress in white." - Originally from www(dot)weddingdressbee(dot)net and tagged as "strapless taffeta trumpet gown with catch-up gown"

Here's To Right Now ~ Wedding Poem by English poet Ms Moem @MsMoem

List of things to put into a wedding day emergency kit (printable shopping list included on original post at

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Sexiest Country Songs

Cinderella pumpkin carriage inspired reception centerpieces at a Walt Disney World Wishes Wedding

The perfect songs to play for the Cocktail Hour of my wedding! The link to the entire playlist is included on the blog.

Not embarrassed to say: I watch ( or listen) to this every time it's on t.v.- cause I love the Scottish accent (Music to my ears)

Sometimes God sends people our way but sometimes we have to pack things up and go to where they need us. Missionaries


Sand Ceremony Symbolism It represents the individual lives of the bride and groom. They have retained their unique identities and personalities. Yet, it is virtually impossible to define the exact point where one layer ends and the next begins -- the grains of sand can never be separated. Strong and beautiful representation of the "two becoming one" concept that has resonated with couples all over the world. YES

Getting hitched is a beautiful thing to do, but it isn't cheap. If you're funding wedding expenses, 0% 21-month intro APR card could make a huge difference. That intro APR could allow you to pay off your balances over time without wasting money on interest. Browse some of the best credit cards of 2017 on Credit Karma.

Ultimate Old School Hip Hop Wedding Playlist most requested songs. 90's 2000's music

20 Modern Processional Songs That Cue All The Tears - From instrumental tracks to some poppy hits, check out our list of processional songs that will have you, your S.O. and all your guests in tears on @weddingwire! {Gandee Photography}

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144 Wedding Songs for Every Part of Your Wedding Day |

Country Songs For A Country Wedding Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

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90's Slow Dance Play List

Mr. Anderson discusses his staging and filming of that production and how he found the two actors at the center of his film.

The Addam's Family.