Stained glass floral window panel. Irises - favorite flowers! Gorgeous in YOUR window !

Purple Iris flower stained glass window

Iris Suncatcher Stained Glass Purple Flower 019

Stained Glass Suncatcher Iris Flower by Nostalgianmore on Etsy

Yellow and Orange Iris Stained Glass Suncatcher Forever

Bright Blue Stained Glass Double Iris Made by GalaGardensGlassArt

Stained Glass - Cameo Iris

LT Stained glass mauve blue Iris flower by UniqueStainedGlass

Iris Glass Flower Suncatcher Orange Iris by GalaGardensGlassArt

Deep Blue Glass Iris Iris Suncatcher Made by GalaGardensGlassArt

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Beautiful garden flowers and bouton of Iris, floral vector composition. Set of stained glass window

Όμορφος Κήπος Λουλούδια Και Bouton Της Ίριδας, Floral Διάνυσμα Σύνθεση / Λεκιασμένο Παράθυρο Γυαλιού διαθέσιμο διάνυσμα -

Stained Glass Iris Suncatcher

Lovely Blue & White Iris with Flower Bud by EyecatchersbyDarlene

Iris Stained Glass Panel Blue Suncatcher by FleetingStillness

Iris Stained Glass Window Purple Iris by GalaGardensGlassArt

Stained Glass Flower, IRIS, Pink SUNCATCHER (I050)

Stained Glass Iris Flower Suncatcher by GlassofDistinction on Etsy, $13.95

Stained glass Iris

stained glass and iris - Bing Images

FLOWERS IN WINDOW - From Delphi Artist Gallery

Stained Glass Iris Flower by MarthasClassyGlass on Etsy, $32.00

(Purple) 10x19 Quilt Magic Kit