DISNEY BRIDAL SHOWER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? UM YES PLEASE!!!!! ABBY!!!!!!!!!

Say Yes to Another Dress: Choosing the Right Bridesmaids Dress

Wondering how to word your wedding invitations? Consider who’s hosting and how formal your celebration will be. See more ideas in our full how-to guide at

Next up is the BIG moment! The bride's entrance and the music she will be walking down the aisle to! Now I know most brides out there will choose the traditional wedding march and that is perfectly fine. These songs are for those that want just a little something different. Like me! Again, I...

Questions to ask a wedding venue

I wish I had seen something like this before my wedding. Love these rings!

O Guia Definitivo para escolher suas Alianças de Casamento: Leia mais em

This is a great getting ready shot!! You get a complete view of the bride right after putting on her gown.

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Find your engagement ring style - whether nature inspired, vintage, modern & more. by Ken & Dana Design.

Because wedding planning is a tedious task, this to-do list could be of help to keep your feet on track!

Wedding Planning Simplified! Not sure where to start? Simply follow the arrows on this visual wedding planning checklist and live happily ever :)

Bridal Shower Games

How to divide up your wedding budget #infographic

How Do I Pick a Ring for My Future Husband? It’s nice to think that the wedding ring is all about you, but it’s not! Sorry. The ring is not all about the bling and the impromptu show-and-tell sessions. Your guy actually gets to wear a ring too! We all know that, yes. But it’s so easy to forget that an equal amount of detail should go into this process as well. After all, he also has to wear this thing everyday for the rest of his life! So get something that he will be proud to wear! Here’s a gra

What You Need to Know to Plan Your #Wedding - #WeddingGuide

200+ Heartwarming Wedding Moments

Cuteness alert! Just the littlest member of the wedding party helping the Bride get ready.