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Create a photo station with polaroid cameras, extra film, pens, and washi tape so guests can snap a picture and leave a note |

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Scrapbook for guess book. You would actually want to go back and look at this later. And there would be room for people to write personal notes with their names.

Our blogger bride-to-be Elise from WTFab is back today to share her favorite wedding guestbook ideas. Read on for one of a kind inspiration and the perfect way

Polaroid inspired unique wedding guest book ideas

Polaroid Guest Book Sign Polaroid Wedding Guest Book Wedding

Green leaf photo guest book sign printable , polaroid guest book wedding signs from Pink Summer Designs on Etsy

Polaroid inspired unique wedding guest book ideas

Cardboard + Photo Strip Program

Personalised wedding invitations including pocketfold invitations, passport invitations, boarding card invitations, tickets and embellishments

Rustic Wedding Photo Booth.....

Fun honeymoon fund idea! A game to play with your wedding guests. Make the wedding day different with this fun wedding idea! Wedding reception fun.

thumb print tree wedding guest book ideas

unique guest book idea...guests take photos of themselves and then paste them with a hand written note.

DIY wedding guestbook with Polaroid, Washi tape and scrapbook.

Navy polaroid guest book wedding sign printable, burgundy marsala floral wedding photo guest book sign, wedding ideas from Pink Summer Designs on Etsy