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this is beautiful I want a flag for every sexuality and just hang them in my room or around my house yeah that would be great I'm gonna go eat ravioli peace✌

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When Senpai wont notice you gotta fake it till u make it

Me in school. I wrote about this already but school is so hazy and not real for me. I have not a care in the world and im afraid thats very bad. You can ask about it.

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オランダであることを誇りに思って [hashtag]

Dubai: Hotel Armani Burj Khalifa

just saying<

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yeah boiiiiii

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Photoshopped, but cool "Dubai". - Imgur

French Chateau Garden!

Khalifa Tower, Dubai. Den passenden Koffer für eure Reise findet ihr bei uns: #christmas #noel #haloween