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All fur coat no knickers

Know your worth. If you have a couple solid people in your life you can trust, you're golden. #hatersgonnahate

Omg!! Yes!!!!Thank the Lord

Ha! I knew a woman like pathetic!

That's for sure some funny quote .. The best way is to walk away and move on with someone that appreciate everything you do for them ..

Sitting around sad, tearful, missing you and hoping every time my phone goes off it's you while you just carry on like it ain't nothing is getting old. You did everything you said you wouldn't do. I will wake up in the morning, start living my fabulous life again and will forget I ever knew you.

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Best words I've heard so far I can't worry about what could have been or should have been but worry about now I need to take care of the now. Give it all to God let go and move on no more what ifs no more maybes just move forward breath and take a step forward on a new path and allowing God to guide me

For those who speak before they think words are nails you can fill holes from


Thou shall not judge, because thou has fucked up before too..


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They burned the bridge, then ask why I don't visit.

Sad but so true. Some people just change you forever ...and not for the better.

Get Interested in People and People Will Get Interested in You - Purpose Fairy