Music is a huge part of any wedding. The playlist really makes or breaks the party! If you're feeling the old-school vibe for your big day, check out the classic love songs we've chosen ahead.

The 20 Happiest Songs To Play At Your Wedding

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Idée de playlist musique "Entrance Song" pour le mariage.

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Engagement playlist!

The Perfect Wedding Reception Playlist -- so epic!!!

This is the most popular playlist on our site because these songs are sure to get the party started! Plus the link to the playlist is included on the blog!

With so many different guests with so many different ages, it's hard to know what music to go for at a wedding. So, take inspiration from this ultimate wedding party playlist and you won't disappoint anyone! | I like a few in each category...

Falling in love? Here's the playlist you need to tell someone just how special they are to you. Listen to the 44 love songs here!

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maybe highway to hell or stairway to heaven.

Here are the top country songs for your first dance as a married couple!

While looking into DJ’s for our big day, James and I sat down and talked about what exactly a DJ offers to a wedding and whether or not we could get by without one. Things to remember: A DJ g… #wedding 144 Swoon-Worthy Songs For Every Part Of Your Wedding Day #Weddings #Watters