The moment after you say the “I Dos” you have this feeling:  HOORAY!!!  I’m MARRIED!!!     Today is all about some of the fu

Tips on Tipping Wedding Vendors — Bright Star Ranch & Resort

Ha, looks like we nailed it with Train!!Next up is the BIG moment! The bride's entrance and the music she will be walking down the aisle to! Now I know most brides out there will choose the traditional wedding march and that is perfectly fine. These songs are for those that want just a little something different. Like me! Again, I...

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Wedding Planning: The complete guide to your wedding day timeline! Works for most afternoon/evening wedding ceremonies. Pin now, read later!

How to Change Your Last Name the Right Way

The wedding planning process, from engagement to vows, is filled with all kinds of fun pre-wedding events for you, friends and family. Of course, you’re focused on the wedding right now and rightfully so! However, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to create guest lists for other celebrations, too. Deciding whom to invite to what celebration can be a little tricky.

We adore this totally romantic DIY wedding sign idea! 9 other wedding signs await - just a click away!

Id like to have the Pastor say this right before we exchange vows. Except I would say Please take each other by the hands

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Tumblr bog for prom dresses and ideas


Good to know! Just wish there were fewer typos!!!

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@Big Day Weather helps you forecast the weather for your Big Day!

Change name checklist

It's a great idea to send this via email to potential venues, or ask this questions over a phone interview, then compare them later. I love it!:

I have called you my boyfriend, my partner and my significant other. Now I vow to love you as my lawfully wedded husband

Wedding ceremony reading from Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis