For a non-denominational ceremony, a secular ceremony, or a non-traditional ceremony, you can either borrow one of these traditions or make up your own rules. In all honesty you can usually arrang...

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Wedding Ceremony Processional | Make sure your wedding party knows when to walk down the aisle! Visit for diagrams of the Wedding Ceremony and the Ceremony Recessional


Kate Middleton in all-white McQueen Double-breasted Dress coat

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"Poetic lace ball gown wedding dress with diamante beading accents that detail the natural waistline on the removable tie sash."

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Because wedding planning is a tedious task, this to-do list could be of help to keep your feet on track!

Bridal party schedule.

The wedding planning process, from engagement to vows, is filled with all kinds of fun pre-wedding events for you, friends and family. Of course, you’re focused on the wedding right now and rightfully so! However, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to create guest lists for other celebrations, too. Deciding whom to invite to what celebration can be a little tricky.

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From the placement of guests in the pews or seats to the entrance of the bride and groom, any wedding ceremony requires a fair amount of choreography in order to run smoothly. Here are some traditional guidelines for seating arrangements, procession, ceremony formation, and recession. You can choose to conduct your ceremony in a different way, but be sure to ask the officiant if he or she is amenable to changes before doing so.

The Kate Middleton Look Book - love kates coat dress, also the dress the countess is wearing.... love them both!!