What is your INFJ subtype? ~I'm Ell-Ne. The description is amazingly on point.~

"Everything" is a massive stretch. INFJ's are extraordinarily loyal, but that loyalty also applies to themselves. If someone isn't good for an INFJ, that person won't remain in the INFJ's life for long. There is an underlying, pervasive sense of loneliness, but being that it is such an innate part of our personalities, we generally aren't tortured by it. We do desire a deep connection, to be understood, but we'd never sacrifice parts of ourselves to gain that.

holy shit. I did this.

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INFJ #8 Is difficult to deal with bc most people are so out of touch with their own feelings they don't even realize they're wearing a mask.

I never asked to be this sensitive. People tell me to lighten up like I ENJOY being this sensitive. It’s not. Not many people will survive even a couple of minutes inside my head. It’s not something I have much control over, and it sucks big time.

Infj-know this: that complexity, that confusion, that awareness of your fragile humanity, that ability to see the fragile broken human inside others, that is your gift.

I can't even count the number of people I have fallen completely in love with in this manner.

Your INFJ Care and Handling User Guide and Manual

NFJs fucking hate liars. It’s really best to be honest with an INFJ..since they know the truth, anyway. In fact, if you do lie, they’ll let you keep speaking just to see how far you’re willing to go with it.

So true. I cried the very first time I read about being an INFJ. I did feel like I wasn't completely crazy anymore just misunderstood.

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Your INFJ Care and Handling User Guide and Manual

love hate texts, i don't have to talk to people, but I don't know if there is something they are hiding

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Entps must remember.... oh how shiny, you know what would make that shinier? Sorry i interrupted, what's that?

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