Wedding Registry Must Haves

While getting engaged can be the happiest moment of your life, it can also be incredibly overwhelming. In the coming months, when you're planning your wedding and making arrangements to marry the one you love, there are a lot of decisions to mull over. One thing you won't have to worry about is your registry: we've created the essential wedding registry checklist!

Ready to register? Whether you're just starting or you're putting the finishing touches to your perfect registry, make sure you've checked off all of your wedding registry essentials with our interactive checklist. Don't forget to print your custom list once you're finished!

Wedding registry time? Zola's checklist will ensure you add the right gifts to your wedding registry. Zola's website has an interactive registry checklist, so it's easy to see what you've added and what you're still missing. Happy registering!

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The Processional Order - I've seen this done many different ways but this one is pretty standard.

The Essential Wedding Registry Checklist | Start your registry now at!

Wedding Registry Essentials // Engaged? Here are the must haves to add to your registry!

Cute table numbers--could make with scrapbook paper and frames painted in your wedding colors

This is the type of wedding dress I would wear. I really like that Kate Middleton brought back the modest bride...

"It’s time to create a registry! Not sure where to start? Our registry checklist provides advice on the things you need, and how many you need, for every room in the house – things like how many dinnerware sets you’ll need for all those holiday parties or how many bath towels you’ll need so there are always plenty on the shelf, even after a long week without the time to do laundry. Take a look at our checklist to find everything you’ll need for your registry!"

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Check list...i will be so happy i pinned this in the future! it's covered it all!

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Planning a wedding? Meet your FREE suite of planning tools: your website, registry, checklist, and guest list all in one place. We like to think of it as "the heart of your wedding." We hope you agree.

1. Do you have my date available? 2. How many people can the space hold? Is that number seated or standing? 3. What is the fee for renting the space? 4. What exactly does this fee include? Venues...

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Modest bridal gown | Designed by Charity Jewell of

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