Tulip 'Havran' is a truly beautiful, silk-satin deep deep purple almost black tulip with two to three flowers to a stem, excellent in the border and in pots. A score of 10/10 in our tulip trials, with elegant, silvery-blue foliage as well. Reliable, good weather resistance and good reappearance year after year.

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Three Tulips

jaune et bleu

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Does anything say Farmhouse Fabulous like a Charming Floral Arrangement?  There is nothing like some beautiful blooms put together in a simple yet gorgeous way.  You are going to find a collection of  Adding a Touch of Spring with Farmhouse Flower Ideas that will simply melt your heart.  Each and everyone is picture perfect and …

Plumeria: the sweetly scented flower of the tropics. Here, we treasure it, over there, they put them in drinks.

Bonitas flores

This photo is taken in Brekkeparken ,Telemark , Norway, a park with old houses from Telemark . At this time of the year there are a lot of beatiful tulips in this wonderful garden.

Kırmızı lale

Tulips -° da horticultural art

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Who doesn't love pink roses? Everyone does! Pink roses have a special place in our heart. So, here we list out of some of the most beautiful pink roses ever.

Check out these tips to grow tulips and other perennials year-round.

pencil drawings | This is my first attempt at doing a shaded pencil drawing of a rose i ...

Not thinking these are the true colors of this rose, but it would be pretty if they were. More

I like the ideas for posing in front of a book shelf and the girls nail polish color for senior pictures