College Dorm Room Hacks! Back to School with organization and fun tips and tricks!

Command hooks are total lifesavers, right? To make them even more useful than they already are, here are some clever ways to use Command hooks to organize literally everything in your dorm room. 1. Hang curtains. This tutorial will help you to use...


Cleaning routine for college dorm or apartment

This list is awesome for college!!

Dorm Room Hacks - Clever Tips for College Living

Some great crafty ideas for organizing your college dorm room.

Have short charger cords? Need a power strip near your bed? Tape it to your nightstand. | 36 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know Useful Life Hacks, Life Hacks

Want an easy, wall- and apartment-friendly way to organize your home? Here are 8 genius command hook hacks to organize and DIY just about everything! You can organize or hang things up with Command Hooks with adhesive strips and not have to worry about leaving holes or screws in anything. #commandhook #commandhookorganizing #commandstrip

Let’s face it — no matter how nice a dorm room is, they’re always seriously tiny, which means you have to come up with creative ways to make the most of what you’re given. Thought you’d have to sacrifice some of your favorite shoes or leave behind your lucky shirt? Think again — follow these space-saving hacks and you’ll be the QUEEN of your floor.

Coming to college means a multitude of changes and decisions. One of the more fun decisions is decorating your dorm room or apartment. Every college dorm and student apartment requires you to maximize your space to the extreme. Fitting the equivalent of a...

Great list (+ free printable!) of what you need in a first aid kit -- perfect for the car, classroom or dorm room! AD #HealthySavings

Newsflash! Dorm rooms are not large. Be prepared, but be yourself with storage and organization solutions that don’t cramp your style. You can’t shove everything in the closet or under the bed, so look for colorful totes, bins and tubs in stylish patterns that you can leave out in the open.

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Don’t leave for college without these. They’re the most-forgotten items...until now. Remember a sewing kit, jump drive, umbrella, cleaning supplies, scissors, batteries, power strip and ruler. Got all of these packed? Your dorm room is ready for the year.

Perfect for a dorm room. Or for not a dorm room. #microwavesnacks

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