Basket for Bathroom for Wedding.

8 x 10 Print Ladies Bathroom Basket /Guest by akapertyfultings

Bathroom Baskets for Wedding Both baskets contain: Tissues Q-tips Hairspray Tide-to-go pen Febreeze spray Lint roller Chalk (for grease stains) Tums Mints Spray deodorant Lotion Band aids Eye drops Sewing kit Women's basket also has: Tampons/pads Nail supplies (file, clippers, tweezers) Clear nail polish Bobby pins Hair ties Oil-blotting sheets

Bathroom baskets. I should put one together for the guest room.

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What to include in your bathroom basket|

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Female bathroom basket. Make an emergency kit for the MOH to keep that has baby powder, bleach pen, chalk...

Wedding Bathroom Basket: How to put together a bathroom basket with a list of needed supplies & creative saying.

Wedding Bathroom Basket...most brides overlook the bathroom! ~ what a great idea!

List of things to put into a wedding day emergency kit (printable shopping list included on original post at

Groom's emergency kit

Wedding Bathroom Basket List - Dos and Don'ts

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How to create the perfect welcome bags for out-of-town guests attending your wedding!

Uh Oh Baskets list for wedding bathroom baskets... This company is SO COOL!

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Everything a bride needs on her wedding day rolled into The Bridal Emergency Kit…

Wedding bathroom baskets, also called “hospitality baskets” are a great addition to your wedding. They are baskets filled with often-needed toiletries for guests to use while getting their celebration on at your wedding. With the many weddings we’ve attended, we’ve seen very minimal and very over-the-top approaches. We like to keep things fairly simple and …