Country love songs perfect for Summer! Get the Spotify playlist here!

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"Windows Down" playlist

School Playlist -tumblr

Ciao friends! Today's post is a music playlist! I love music. It's one of those things that can pick me up and keep me going. I have a pret...

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12 Tips for Coping with ADHD

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Weirdly enough, instead of fueling my frustrations, listening to angry music actually is a way to let off steam and channel feelings in a positive way. Bottom line, angry music can sometimes make you feel better, so here's a playlist that's the ultimate soundtrack for a sh*tty day.

Sad Songs That Will Actually Make You Feel Better

The Perfect Playlist For a Rainy Day

Hungry Gator Gal: Ultimate EDM Playlist (spotify playlist included)

I'm Allowed to Like Pop Music Iggy A, pop, hits, popular, pumped, dance, fun - start moving

#celebratecolorfully our pre-party playlist from our all in good taste book

Perks of Being a Wallflower songs

I have listened to a lot of these. What can I say ? I love sad music! It helps me get in the writing mood

Caregiving Stress Busters - Tips on How to Take Better Care of Yourself - AARP

7 ways Yoga can help you lose weight, melt fat, and get stronger. Yoga for weight loss 5 day fast diet