Cartoons are probably the one thing truly capable of taking my mind off things, and that's a blessing

This user can't snap their fingers.

"sir hurry your gonna miss it!"she yelled from the living room."I'm coming I'm coming!"he rushed in with a bowl of ice cream and popcorn.

i actually yelled "galilean moons" at someone today so -alex

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If you don't talk to your pets, how can you truly love them

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i used to grow plants from scratch as a kid like....little string beans and stuff

dog clothes,dog clothing /pet clothing/pet clothes/dog sweaters/girl dog clothes/dog sweater/

✨ "i'м jυรт α lσรт bσy. иσт яєαdy тσ bє fσυиd" ✨

Cats RULE!!!

I'm terrible at it but yes

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I am obsessed with it though I'm not a huge fan.


=ყơų ąཞɛ ცɛąųɬıʄųɩ= ℘ıŋɬɛཞɛʂɬ: @HayleighxRae

Or I just need my friend to like, yknow, live closer

i started crying over them when i was supposed to be writing an essay during finals week and my friends never let it go